Thursday, 23 August 2012

Oh the craziness!

Some days I wonder what the hell I was thinking.... lately that feels like EVERY DAY.

This summer has been.... can you say.... unique. We have/are taking part in a show called Million Dollar Neighbourhood. First off, it's been a ton of fun. Secondly, it's been an insane amount of work! On this, I say... WTH was I thinking? But ya, I've been handling it. Today, we have 2 appointments... One being a teaching session about a program I can use for my new business adventure (did I mention that I'm starting up my own business?!?! Yep, I'm doing this while taking care of the kids, the house, meals, the show, and whatever else it is I do! Check it out: But I digress... again. What was I saying? Oh yes... today... 2 appointments/meetings... right, with 3 kids in tow. Pray for me? :P

I feel like I'm trying to work 3 full time jobs... all at the same time. Any wonder why I forgot to eat breakfast today!! 

Yesterday was two bushels of Roma tomatoes, some pots, a knife, and water.... yep... making stewed tomatoes (if you've never tried it, try it this year.... OUTSTANDING). That took all day, then rushed home for a photoshoot with the kids down at the creek. Left the house at 9am, got home at 8pm. Got through it.

Will post some of the pictures when I get them back, as well the photographers website - she was outstanding with the kids - got some smiles even though they were way passed tired and just generally grumpy!

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