Thursday, 6 June 2013

3D Ultra Sounds, Ye or Ne?

This being my fourth pregnancy, it's been a pregnancy of firsts.

I've never been one for 3D ultra sounds. Why not? I found that it ruined the surprise of seeing what they looked like when you got to hold them and look at them for the first time. I never wanted to get one with my first three.

But now?! Well, everything seems different this time around. I don't know if it's because it wasn't planned this time or what, but I seem to be doing everything different!

I had a 3D a week ago... we wanted to confirm the gender (which I couldn't wait to find out this time - and didn't even want find out at all with our last). I was actually excited about seeing our little one in there. It was amazing!

I don't regret not doing it with the other three, but I am happy that I took the opportunity to do it this time.

How do you feel about 3D ultra sounds? Ye or Ne?

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