Monday, 17 September 2012

Dealing with the public...

Alright, is it just me? Am I the only person who notices the people who work with the public are so damn rude to people? Okay, to be fair, not ALL people dealing with the public are rude... but there are some out there that you'd just like to SLAP up side the head!

Take for instance the lady who is the secretary at my daughters school... This is my daughters second year, and last year each time I had to deal with the secretary I gave her the benefit of the doubt... I would think "maybe she's having a bad day" or "maybe she's been dealing with some difficult people herself, and is just in a bad mood". Well, as of today I've come to the the conclusion that she's just PLAIN RUDE.

Here's the situation:
I'm bringing something to the school for my son (in JK) and it needs to be taken to his class. Now, based on a previous bad experience with this secretary, I now know that they don't like parents to drop things off at the class. We must drop it at the office. Okay. Fair enough. I can comply with that.
So back to today... I bringing the box of stuff to the office. I have my youngest son with me, in the stroller, and asleep. As I get into the school the bell rings to end recess. I'm not going to leave him in the hall while hundreds of kids pour in trying to get back to their class.... so I'm struggling to hold open the door to the office, and drag the stroller in with limited space to move.

NO BIG DEAL. I've done it before.

However, as I'm almost through the door, I look up and see the wonderful and cheery secretary (can you hear my sarcasm?!) looks right at me and rolls her eyes and shakes her head. WTF?!

What... do you think I should have left my baby in the stroller in the hallway as 100+ kids come streaming in?

What... am I disturbing your "me" time?

What... do you find it a PITA to sit there and watch someone struggle in the door?

What... are you mad that you actually need to get off your ass to come and help someone?


Sorry... I got out of hand there.  At least I didn't pull out the "C" word... to be honest though... I thought it.

But seriously... what is this woman's problem? Never once have I gone in there for any reason and was greeted with a simple "hello". She's rude, nasty and just plain ignorant when dealing with people. I cannot possibly understand how she still has a job... how can you keep someone like that as your main contact between the school and the parents? I'm shocked that she's still there.

Clearly she doesn't like where she is... so why is she still working there? Maybe I need to offer to help her find a new job? Perhaps one where she can work from home and has minimal contact with other humans.

I won't even get started on some of the other professions where dealing with the public is a common occurrence and the people in those positions are completely inept at social interaction.

This one lady is seriously getting on my nerves though... there is absolutely NO reason to be so rude and unhelpful to people. Cheer up, or get a new job as remote ice fisherman. Just a thought.

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