Friday, 21 September 2012

How I've longed for thee....

Oh sweet blessed Autumn, how I've longed for thee... with your beautiful crisp mornings, perfectly breathable air, and amazingly cool evenings that ease me into a deep and restful sleep.

Only complaint is the leaves. I don't know why when we bought this house we thought the 2 GIANT maple trees on our property were beautiful and perfect... clearly we had no idea that 2 massive maples equals about 65 bags of leaves a year. The leaves have started to scatter... I feel the overwhelming presence of bagging leaves in my near future. The killer is when you're almost done the yard, and about 30 bags, and you happen to glance up and see that the trees at still at least half full.... and you know that because you're so damn lucky that you get to do this over and over again for the next few weeks! Who needs a gym membership right? :)

Aside from the leaves.... I LOVE FALL! My kids love fall... jumping in the piles of leaves - which we have no shortage of - playing outside without melting, and best of all.... HALLOWEEN!

Speaking of Halloween.... I've done a few Halloween invitations.... check them out. The turn around time to get you the design is 1 day, or LESS! You can get them printed at your nearest print store (Staples, Walmart, Blacks... to name a few) or I can order them for you through Vista Prints - very reliable, and the do a great job!

Check it out!

Hey, for once this didn't turn into rant.... hmmm... maybe I'm turning a new leaf?

Na... I'm sure I'll be back with rants too :P

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